In Power: Moorgrave Gralan Turlough

Population: 22,000 humans (Thurians with a minority of Morridane and Tordorans and recent Llaelese refugees), 1,600 gobbers

Military: A small city guard garrisons Tarna.

Imports: Coal, iron, wheat

Exports: Hooaga, textiles, manufactured goods, wool

This ancient city has existed for nearly a thousand years fishing the waters of the Dragon’s Tongue. The early village had the dubious distinction of being the birthplace of the first human sorcerer—a girl named Madruva Dagra. After Dagra used her innate powers to slay three Orgoth soldiers, a legion of occupiers—more likely a few dozen—hunted down and slaughtered her entire family, nearly burning Tarna to the ground in the process. The town remained a charred ruin throughout most of the Rebellion and was rebuilt only after the Orgoth were driven from the land.

Some years after those dark days, Tarna became a center of textile manufacture for most of Ord. The invention of the steam engine further revolutionized Tarna. Its mills became even more productive and encouraged others to come set up shop, so Tarna became known as “Mill Town,” a nickname that stuck even though the town succumbed to a recession and declined over time. The Tarna mills have since ceased to be the most important in Ord, but their reputation for quality remains. The heavy machinery needed to drive Tarna’s industry has attracted a number of engineers needed to service them. Among those engineers are many gobbers who have become an important minority in the city. They brought with them their fondness for hooaga, which now grows in the fields surrounding Tarna. The city exports hooaga down and leaves in significant quantities and is home to many cigar saloons.

Locales of Tarna

Regency Saloon: Run by Gramnistalleralarid “Gram” and his family of gobbers, the Regency Saloon is Tarna’s largest emporium of hooaga cigars, pipes, and other accoutrements. Along with being a storyteller and amateur historian, Gram prides himself on his knowledge of the fundamentals of alchemy—another fine gobber tradition. His shop has a diverse clientele from tradesmen to thanes and serves as a meeting place for business and other endeavors. Some have claimed without the Regency Tarna would be a much less productive place.

Tarna Church of Ascendant Shevann: High Prelate Morgan Hugh is the chief priest of this much-frequented church. Its beautiful architecture and interiors are the result of decades of extravagant benefices by the local merchants and moorgraves. The high prelate is a devoted cleric, if a bit enamored with the finer things in life. He is given to excess particularly with regard to drink and cigars. Like his counterpart in Hearthstone with whom he’s had some correspondence, he is a bit at a loss to deal with some of the recent problems and the likely threat of necromancy. He has written to both the Merin Vicarate Council and the Sancteum in Caspia asking if he can receive support in the form of either a Knight of the Prophet or an investigator from the Order of Illumination.


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