In Power: Posadnik** Igor Vojinovich

Population: 19,000 (human, very few of other races)

Military: Rynyr contains a substantial Winter Guard presence under the command of Kovnik Ninete Pytorevna.

Imports: Textiles, rope, livestock, timber

Exports: Red powder, ore

Quite possibly the most inhospitable excuse for civilization in the Iron Kingdoms, Rynyr is a bustling mining town nestled toward the base of the Thundercliff Peaks near the remains of a volcanic caldera. The city is built essentially on top of a highly volcanic area, and the locals here mine the red powder that is a major component in the making of blasting powder. Red powder is a pungent substance, and everything and everyone in Rynyr is coated in a thin layer of the stuff. Exposure to the powder can cause an itchy rash while prolonged exposure can cause burns on the skin and lung irritation. Inhabitants of Rynyr keep themselves completely clothed in water-soaked leathers and goggles, and few venture outside without the benefit of a breather or at least a damp cloth over their faces.

The town itself largely stands off the ground because of the intense heat emanating from the volcanic rock. Soaring catwalks and gantries connect large clusters of buildings, and a web of cables covers the entire area transporting buckets of ore to and fro. The buildings are made entirely of stone and metal—wood presents too great a fire risk—and every door and window must remain sealed to prevent the powder from gaining entry into habitable spaces. It is an awful place to live, but those who can tolerate it and work hard can make a good living. Consequently, it is a haven for non-humans and those running from the law, for employers hire indiscriminately and few outlaws are worth following to Rynyr. The occupation of Rynyr barely caused a ripple among the locals who put up no resistance and have continued to work just as before.

Locales of Rynyr

Chapel of Morrow: Rynyr contains only one center of worship in the form of a small chapel of Morrow located near the center of town. Virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the stony, red powder-covered buildings but for the large Morrowan sunburst adorning its doors. Inside, the chapel is decorated like any other found throughout the kingdoms and offers a quiet respite to worshippers from the dust and noise. Prelate Tynwald Mesmyth presides here and his duties generally involve helping the healing of any injured miners and presiding over all weddings and funerals in Rynyr.

Dwarven Grotto: Aside from the mines and unique appearance of the entire town of Rynyr, visitors often notice the dwarven grotto first. This large stone building seems carved from one enormous piece of rock and houses a large group of dwarven and ogrun miners that have lived in Rynyr practically since its founding. The dwarves, in fact, aided the humans of the region with their earliest excavations into the powder mines. The grotto is much larger than what one sees at first glance. The building above ground is but half of the entire complex; an equal amount of the grotto descends hundreds of feet below ground.


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