Rhul Cities

Rulers: The Stone Lords

Government type: Oligarchy

Capital: Ghord

Ethnic Groups & Approx. Population: Rhulfolk (2,000,000), Ogrun (300,000), Midlunder (12,000), Goblin (10,000), Bogrin (10,000), Skirov (7,000) Ryn (5,000), Umbrean (4,000), Caspian (4,000), Khard (3,000), Morridane (2,000)

Languages: Rhulic (primary), Cygnaran, Khadoran, Llaelese

Climate: Cold and cloudy with heavy snowfall and harsh winters; more temperate around Lake Armsdeep, which has a mild and humid summer along with ample rainfall; northern tundra is extremely cold and hostile most of the year. Terr ain: Mostly mountainous with an arctic northern tundra and a large central great lake surrounded by fertile vall eys and plains along the banks; the great lake births several major rivers which fl ow down out of the mountain valleys.

Natural resources: Gold, iron, coal, copper, silver, gemstones, tin, quartz, granite, marble, some limited timber, fish, limited arable land.


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