Notable Cities

Ruler: Prime Minister Archduke Deyar Glabryn by appointment of Queen Ayn Vanar XI of Khador

Government type: Puppet state

Capital: Merywyn

Ethnic Groups & Approx. Population: Ryn (1,620,000), Umbrean (400,000), Midlunder (50,000), Khard (50,000), Caspian (40,000), Bogrin (30,000), Rhulfolk (15,000), Ogrun (12,000), Goblin (10,000), Thurian (9,500), Tordoran (9,000), Iosan (5500), Idrian (5,000), Morridane (2,000), Trollkin (2,000),

Languages: Llaelese (primary), Cygnaran, Khadoran (minority)

Climate: Temperate; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow and fog; sunny summers with frequent showers and thunderstorms

Terrain: Varied; ancient mountains and hills to the north; rich fertile plains, limestone ranges and basins to the west; deciduous woodlands, hillocks, and highlands to the south; lowlands and coniferous woodlands to the east

Natural resources: Coal and sulfur, aluminum ore, low-grade iron ore, silica, clays, salt, timber, arable land


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