Five Fingers

In power: Officially, Lord Governor Eilish Doyle under the authority of Moorgrave Lochlan, but the so-called Four High Captains are the true power in Five Fingers.

Population: 160,000 humans (mostly Thurian, with a minority of Tordorans and other human cultures), 6,000 gobbers, 2,000 trollkin, 2,000 bogrin.

Military: The members of the small garrison at Five Fingers are supposed to search all suspicious vessels coming into port, but bribery is part and parcel with the position. The watch is likewise corrupt and overworked. The city is additionally “protected” by vicious mercenaries employed by the High Captains as well as ruthless gangs controlling various neighborhoods. In recent months naval patrols of the Shearwater Narrows have been tracking boats sailing
in and out of the Bay of Stone.

Imports: Timber, ore, grain, livestock

Exports: Drugs, fish, ale, liquor, cloth, rope, smuggled Cryxian goods

Five Fingers is nearly as notorious as the black cities of Cryx, hence its appellation as the Port of Deceit. It is commonly known as a smuggler’s haven and pirates’ den. In Five Fingers one can purchase nearly anything imaginable from illegal goods to the most privileged information. Those wandering its streets can expect to rub elbows with an eclectic collection of folk: pirates, smugglers, thieves, and even the occasional castellan in search of either business or pleasure.

Five Fingers is so named because it is built on a river delta formed by five tributaries (the “Fingers”) of the Dragon’s Tongue that dump into the sea. The city is dominated by towering mechanikal drawbridges over the Fingers that often have their spans raised high into the sky to allow ships to pass beneath. Five Fingers sprung up without planning over several bursts of growth, and its streets and alleyways meander without purpose, dead-end into cul-de-sacs, or narrow until the road vanishes between leaning buildings. Few basements or subterranean tunnels exist here due to the uncertain ground of the riverbeds, but inhabitants have built upwards. Most buildings have at least a second story sometimes built with no regard to the first (or principles of architecture). Walkways, gangways, and bridges connect the buildings; many upper level walkways and rope bridges are made from old salvage from ships rigging. The most reliable routes lie along the straighter roadways on the banks of the Fingers themselves, which are wider and more heavily traveled thoroughfares.

Despite its reputation for danger and villainy, Five Fingers draws a surprising amount of tourist traffic. The town is brightly lit at night with never closing taverns, a cacophony of music pouring from cozy dives, and houses of ill repute. Its gambling halls are relatively well protected and offer a dazzling array of games and other diversions. Most citizens are not thieves, despite rumors to the contrary, and practice a wide assortment of honest trades, craft, and labor. Alas, even the honest folk in Five Fingers walk quietly trying not to draw attention and quite aware of the unwritten rules such as which streets to avoid at night, who to bribe, and the best spot on their person to hide a weapon.

Five Fingers is officially ruled by Lord Governor Eilish Doyle who was appointed by Moorgrave Lochlan, though the true power in the city is the Four High Captains, the crime bosses who maintain a stranglehold on the underworld. Since he appointed Eilish to his post, Lochlan has lost all faith in the man and rarely speaks to him, preferring rather to ignore Five Fingers completely. The truth is a lot of money changes hands in Five Fingers, and both Lord Governor Doyle and the High Captains have a stake in maintaining the status quo. Working together they are able to solve most problems threatening the peace, and between the governor’s control over the city’s legal processes and the High Captains’ authority outside the law, very little escapes their grasp.

Locales of Five Fingers

Cathedral of Morrow: This ancient church located in High Captain Waernuk’s quarter suffers from years of neglect and disrepair. Examination of its vine-choked architecture reveals once-fine sculptures and soaring architecture, but the cathedral’s days of countless worshippers have long passed. Only a fraction of its former congregation visits these days supplemented by those who seek Morrow’s favor out of desperation. All are tended by Prelate Lincoln Daltrey (male Midlunder Clr7), a lonesome adherent, and his handful of somber priests. Daltrey believes there is a place for Morrow everywhere but is far less certain with each year he spends in Five Fingers. This post has always been a difficult one to keep filled, for few Church officials have the staying power to last here for long.

Crandle’s Pistolry: This small gun shop run by old Evigan Crandle is known as one of the more accommodating gunwerks in Five Fingers for weapon customization, despite the fact that Ev is getting up in the years and is not the gunsmith he once was.

Emerald District: This district located in Captain Hurley’s quarter is home to the best gambling dens in Five Fingers. In addition to the many sporting parlors, the Emerald District is also a large market area dominated by shops of all sorts, legal and illegal alike. It is also home to several noted taverns including the Drowned Man run by Chase Porthan and the Polished Silver, an upscale brothel managed by proprietress Ashleigh Blu.

The Laden Galleon: This great gambling hall is also sometimes called “The Ship of Luck” and “Baird’s Court” by locals when making plans, such as “tell my wife I’ve got an appointment at Baird’s Court.” The Laden Galleon, actually a permanently dry-docked galleon of enormous size once part of the Ordic Royal Navy, is now the most popular gambling house in Five Fingers and a favored place of King Baird’s. All manner of dice, cards, fortune’s wheels, and other devices can be found in its hold and decks, and its game runners are skilled and keen-eyed. It also offers rooms for rent, excellent food, and a wide assortment of liquor, hooaga, and illegal alchemical concoctions.

Five Fingers

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