Cygnaran Cities

Ruler: King Leto Raelthorne

Government type: Monarchy

Capital: Caspia

Ethnic Groups & Approx. Population: Caspian (3,440,000), Midlunder (2,720,000), Thurian (1,200,000), Morridane (400,000), Goblin (265,000), Trollkin (250,000), Bogrin (135,000), Rhulfolk (120,000), Ogrun (100,000), Ryn (80,000), Tordoran (80,000), Idrian (40,000), Khard (15,000), Scharde (10,000), Iosan (8,000), Umbrean (7,000)

Languages: Cygnaran (primary), Llaelese, Ordic, Rhulic, Khadoran, Sulese

Climate: Temperate in the north and central; moderated by prevailing southwest winds; more than one-half of the days are overcast in the north; sub-tropical to tropical in the south with frequent showers.

Terrain: Mostly rugged hills and very mountainous in the central regions (Wyrmwall); mostly flat or gently sloping along the Black River; high plains along the northwest and central banks; swamps along much of the coastal lowlands in the south and southwest.

Natural resources: Coal, petroleum, mercury, natural gas, sulfur, tin, copper, limestone, iron ore, pyrites, salt, clay, chalk, lead, quartz, arable land.

After the Orgoth retreated from western Immoren forever, Cygnar fast became the center of trade throughout the Iron Kingdoms. Blessed with abundant resources, a long coastline, a diverse geography and citizenry, and many other assets, it is referred to—if mostly by its own people—as the “Jewel of the Iron Kingdoms,” and its blue and gold banner features the graceful and unmistakable image referred to as Cygnus the Swan.

Cygnar is a pioneer in industry and scientific advancement, and its people are an enterprising lot, though they are well aware of their position in the current state of affairs. They realize the other kingdoms have perceived them for generations with a measure of awe and envy. In Khador’s case especially, this envy has moldered into a bitter hatred with repeated attempts to test Cygnaran resolve by assaulting its borders. Indeed, many Cygnarans see the recent invasion of Llael in 605 AR as an attack against Cygnar and a way to bludgeon the south by crushing their longtime ally.

Cygnar has traditionally been the most accommodating nation when it comes to outsiders and even other races—in addition to humans of all ethnic groups, gobbers, trollkin, dwarves, ogrun, and even elves are welcomed for the most part. King Leto Raelthorne has a reputation as a just and resourceful monarch with fair policies and sound tactics. The king and his court, the Royal Assembly, are well aware their enemies are on the move. Word has spread southward of the aggressive depravities meted out by the northmen accompanied by Llaelese war refugees in a desperate wave of bedraggled humanity seeking shelter and sanctuary. Along with the refugees have come a handful of holdouts imploring for more aid against the Khadorans. King Leto Raelthorne, as well as many Cygnarans, truly wishes to help these resistance fighters overthrow the occupiers, but the truth of the matter is that Llael has been largely lost. This is evident from the substantial number of Khadoran troops stationed in every major Llaelese city west of the Black River.

Cygnar must now worry about the protection of its own borders. It is even more imperative since the erstwhile subject state of the Protectorate of Menoth has broken away and declared a holy war against the land of its forefathers. The Protectorate recently flung troops and fired ordnance at the very walls of Caspia and even infiltrated the kingdom with clandestine tactical forces. Fanatics have amassed on the eastern border choosing to strike now while Cygnar’s troops are spread thin. In addition, brazen attacks by Cryx’s nightmarish hordes have plagued the west and the north primarily attacking granaries and food stores. In addition they have been stalking the fields of the fallen in the recent hostilities between the kingdoms to gather remnants of war and raise undead to expand their own rank and file.


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