Cryxian Cities

Ruler: Lord Toruk, Dragonfather and God-King of Cryx, and His lieutenants, the Lich Lords

Government type: Absolute Theocracy

Capital: Skell

Ethnic Groups & Approx. Population: Scharde (273,000), Bogrin (165,000), Trollkin (125,000), Black Ogurn (60,000), Ogrun (25,000), Gobber (20,000), Thurian (13,000), Caspian (10,000), Satyxis (12,000), Midlunder (10,000), Tordoran (5,000), Morridane (3,000), Khard (2,500), Ryn (500)

Languages: Scharde Tongue (Cygnaran dialect) (primary), Five Cant (Cygnaran dialect), Thrallspeak (undead only), Molgur (including Og and Trul dialects), Tkra (among high ranking servants of Toruk), Satyxi

Climate: Tropical; hot and humid, extensive rainfall and powerful storms through most of the year with a dry season usually lasting from Solesh through Katesh.

Terrain: Tall jagged mountains with dense jungle and swamps in the lowlands; coastline is primarily cliffs pockmarked with sea caves and arches and edged with towering sea stacks and razor-sharp reefs.

Natural resources: Necrotite, timber, stone, sulfur, coal, salt, rare and dangerous tropical flora, limited deposits of iron, copper, and tin.


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