In Power: King Leto Raelthorne and the Cygnaran Royal Assembly; Lord Mayor Dermot Throckmorton

Population: 1,000,000 (human, mostly Caspians with a large number of Thurians and Midlunders), 8,000 gobbers, 2,000 dwarves, 2,000 ogruns, 1,000 trollkin, a few Iosans

Military: Since the start of the war, thousands of troops have rushed to Caspia from across Cygnar to fortify the city’s huge garrison. Recent direct conflicts between Sul and Caspia have the military in a tense state of perpetual readiness, armed atop the walls and watching for any move from the other side. The city also houses the massive Cygnaran Armory with its heavy contingent of warjacks. A vast number of reserve troops, both for the army and navy, are likewise stationed at the city awaiting redeployment. The Stormguard, an elite division of the renowned Stormblades, serve as King Leto’s royal guard. Additionally, the Order of the Arcane Tempest and the Sword Knights are both based in Caspia. In times of need, Leto has only to ask and the wizards of the Fraternal Order will turn out in force. Caspia also employs roughly 10,000 watch guards stationed throughout various precincts in the city.

Imports: Comestibles, wood, raw materials, iron, coal

Exports: Fish, silk, crafted goods, weapons, firearms, luxuries, steamjacks, steamships, and steam engines
One of the oldest and most prosperous cities in all the Iron Kingdoms Caspia is situated where the Black River empties into the Gulf of Cygnar, and it has been a center of great power for thousands of years. Currently home to over a million citizens, Caspia inspires awe and amazement in those who behold it for the first time. The scale of the place is without equal. It is a huge sprawling city of towering walls, close-packed buildings, and an endless progression of faces each with a story to tell. With so many citizens the city never truly sleeps.

Two major and three minor land routes lead to Caspia, and all of them teem with traffic. The north gate is the largest and opens onto the King’s Highway to Fharin and beyond. Many boats enter the city by way of the Black River, and the northern docks are nearly as busy as those upon the gulf. Caspia is a bustling port city with excavated channels allowing ships deep access into the city. These serve a twofold purpose. First, merchant ships have greater access to the city proper and second, in case of attack ships can gain the protection of Caspia’s mighty walls.

The capital’s districts are enclosed by skyscraping walls of blue stone rising nearly two hundred feet into the air and nearly as thick in some places. The walls extend within the city to create an elaborate maze, and entire neighborhoods exist between these ancient stone bulwarks. Indeed, the dense city has actually grown into them, and nearly as much activity goes on within their winding tunnels as in the city outside. In theory one could explore the warrens of the Caspian walls for weeks without ever actually setting foot beneath the sky, unless they find themselves in various open-air channels higher on the walls. The only structure looming higher than Caspia’s fortifications is the massive capital fortress dubbed Castle Raelthorne. This is the seat of Cygnaran power and is an immense blocky structure as unassailable as the walls themselves. The fortress has housed the royal line of Cygnar for ages as well as its thousands of servants and military personnel. From here, King Leto Raelthorne looks out over his city with its countless spires, shadows, and labyrinthine walls, and he ponders the fate of his monarchy and its people.

Locales of Caspia

Castle Raelthorne: This massive concentric castle
has been home to the monarchs of Caspia for
millennia. It is a huge edifice elevated higher and
higher, curtain after curtain, with the immense tower
keep of the central palace considerably expanded
just this past century by both Vinter II and Vinter III;
the castle is hence named for the Raelthorne line.
The keep itself has a multitude of halls, chambers,
chapels, and kitchens. Eight lofty round towers are
attached to the keep. Honorable Knights of Cygnar
are garrisoned two thousand strong within the
various courtyards between the castle curtains, and
the castle is also defended by various warjacks and a
full battalion of elite mechanikal halberd-wielding
Stormblades called Stormguard.

Cygnaran Armory: What was once the Metalworkers District in western Caspia has become known as the Smoke District largely due to the enormous factories of the Cygnaran Armory. This massive complex sprawls across numerous buildings, including those dedicated to metal smelting and refinery, and is the heart of Cygnar’s war effort. Built over the very factories that produced the first Colossals, the armory was founded at the end of the Rebellion. Today, the bulk of Cygnar’s warjacks are produced here along with other weapons and tools designed by the Strategic Academy such as the extraordinary stormglaives. The Armory employs almost a thousand armorers, blacksmiths, and weaponsmiths along with dozens of top-notch mechaniks and related support crews. Working conditions can be brutal, but King Leto has done his best to legislate fair wages and a concern for safety. Most employees of the Armory are members of the Steam & Iron Workers Union headquartered nearby, and the operation is run with military discipline by a stern old master mechanik named Lassiter Polk. Though he spent most of his years as a regular smith and steamo, he is an able administrator and planner, and Lassiter supervises complex projects and directs men with greater mechanikal aptitude than his own.

Grand Archcourt Cathedral: Every Morrowan knows Grand Archcourt Cathedral as the very seat of the primarchy in Caspia. For over a millennium it has firmly watched, and often participated in, the events shaping western Immoren’s history. The cathedral itself was designed by Asc. Sambert. Among its hundreds of relics, it houses the famous statue of Morrow shaped by Sambert’s hands just moments before he ascended. Priests and followers alike believe he still protects the building directly, for it has shown no signs of weathering over the last 1,200 years. Several significant relics are on display within the cathedral’s various chapels and pulpits, including the actual Enkheiridion written by Morrow and Thamar—only the Primarch and the Archabbot of the Order of Keeping may actually touch this invaluable tome.

Along with its enormous nave and assorted vaulted chambers, the cathedral houses the meeting hall for the Exordeum and the religious residents’ chapter house which includes the Primarch’s living quarters. Hundreds of priests, clerks, scribes, paladins, illuminates, and pilgrims are in the cathedral on any given day as well as dozens of individuals waiting to speak with the Exarchs or the Primarch.

Of note, directly outside the west-facing great entry stand Amicus and Remeder, a pair of actual Colossals. They are stationed here as a warning to those who entertain thoughts of harm toward the center of operations for the entire Morrowan faith. However, with so many levels of protection and extensive fortifications, these towering warjacks have yet to move since the years immediately following the Colossal War.

The Sancteum: This walled mini-city is the heart of the Church of Morrow and is acknowledged as a sovereign nation protected by its own small army. The Sancteum is self-contained with its own foundry, housing, markets, restaurants and even several taverns; it could be sealed off from Caspia and survive for months without outside supplies. However, the Sancteum is always open to the faithful of Morrow and hosts the great pageant of the yearly Ascension Feast when tens of thousands of citizens come to celebrate on the beautifully landscaped grounds and all along the paved brick avenues and ornate arching cloisters.

The Sancteum has numerous churches and church related buildings including the Sancteum Library connected to the Seminary College where theologians can be found teaching by day and researching by night. Near the college are the headquarters for the Order of Illumination utilized by the pious wizards serving the Church of Morrow.

Strategic Academy: A jewel in Cygnar’s military scepter, the Strategic Academy is charged with training the Crown’s military elite to be dauntless and implacable on the field of battle. As the military branch of the Royal Cygnaran University, the Strategic Academy is the sole institute recognized for training Cygnaran warcasters, and the faculty is well known for its ability to spot prospective warcasters from the ranks of their trainees. Only the best and the brightest graduate from the Academy, and these rising stars of the military are devoted to defending their beloved Cygnar from foreign aggression. A small division of the Academy also recruits arcane mechaniks into military service to make blasting powder and other weapons. Since the outbreak of war, locating and recruiting potential warcasters has gone from being a top priority of the Academy to an imperative, and recruiters go to great lengths to discover promising candidates and put their talents to good use in service to king and country.

The Strategic Academy building actually extends partially from the inside of the massive wall facing Sul, and almost half of its rooms are entirely within the wall itself. The current chancellor is former Commander Adept Birk Kinbrace, a renowned warcaster retired from active duty due to his advanced years. The Academy works closely with the Fraternal Order of Wizardry to provide the best possible instructors and in return the Order uses the Academy as a recruiting ground for Cygnar’s best and brightest. The Academy even counts renowned warcaster and inventor Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo among its senior instructors and trustees.

Temple of Concord: Recently completed, this unprecedented temple was assembled rapidly and is already providing services in praise of the Maiden of Gears. Sanctioned by King Leto as an act of religious tolerance, it is the first public and open temple to Cyriss in any major city of the Iron Kingdoms. It is located in a poor district in northern Caspia far from the Sancteum, but it has still caused quite a din with the local citizenry. The “cult” of Cyriss hopes to use this temple to gain acceptance and recruit new members. The leader is an intelligent and attractive enumerator named Jylle Holthorne who has been kept deliberately in the dark about the Cult’s larger goals and purposes. She has been instructed to pass along her most promising recruits to her superiors for further review. She has also been asked to make arrangements for specially authorized workers to enter and leave the premises at evening hours to work on a large project in the subterranean levels including a sizeable quantity of intricate machinery.


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