In Power: Moorgrave Rogan Torcail

Population: 38,000 humans (Thurians outnumber Tordorans 8 to 1), 2,000 Morridane, 2,000 trollkin, 1,000 gobbers

Military: Armandor maintains a city watch of nearly six hundred soldiers. Since the start of the war, King Baird II has dispatched a modest garrison to Armandor, and the moorgrave and local castellan families maintain private household guards.

Imports: Manufactured goods, textiles, wheat

Exports: Amber, cork, dairy, flax, livestock, peat, wool

Armandor is the largest city on the Arman Moors from which it takes its name. These moors are covered with heather, peat, and marshes, possessing a beauty that many Armandorans feel has no equal in Ord or elsewhere. The city is connected to Hearthstone along a rough cart-trail and a similarly crude path winding north to Fellig that brings news from the war front.

The city is situated on a gently sloping hill at the edge of the looming Thornwood Forest to the east while the moors spread out to the west and north. Atop the hill at its highest elevation are the town’s largest estates held by the moorgrave, a number of Thurian gentry, and a few Tordoran castellans. Directly below is\the central town square, an open market surrounded by city buildings including the courts, jails, the town’s largest church, and other offices. The rest of the town spills out below the square and around the base of the hill into reclaimed marshland with unreliable soil. Many of the better outlying buildings are built on deeply sunken wooden posts to prevent settling. The winding paved streets on the hill are clean and well maintained, but the outer town is noted for its muddy uneven paths requiring wagons to proceed with caution. The outer town boasts its own market for the sale of produce and the auctioning of cattle. Residents here are often recognized by their mud-spattered boots and trousers.

Armandor’s local plant life is hardy enough to support the herds of Braenna cattle (large and furry longhorns related to the Raevhan buffalo) that form an integral part of Armandor’s economy. Horses are also bred here including Almare steeds, much favored by the fabled horse soldiers of the region and renowned for their hardiness, swiftness, and lively temperaments. The remainder of the city’s business is divided between amber mining and cork and peat collection from the moors.

Armandorans are primarily Thurian with a mix of lower and middle class Tordorans—three castellan families have large estates here—and a few Morridane immigrants from Fellig. Most of Armandor’s civic positions are held by Thurians related directly or indirectly to the moorgrave. The heavily armed households of the town’s three castellans, Alvoro Lasca, Francisco Castra, and Nicolo Vasari, are noted for sometimes being difficult with town officials. They get along with them less well than the local trollkin and gobber populations who breed comparatively little strife with humans in part because they have largely adopted human ways (the exception being religion). In addition the trollkin have never failed to defend Armandor against outside threats, unquestioningly providing force of arms whenever called upon.

Locales of Armandor

Church of the Ascendant Rowan: This large wooden church is one of the best-maintained buildings in the town’s central square. The wide two-story building, painted white with golden trim, gleams brightly in the sunlight. The same team of master carpenters that crafted the moorgrave’s estate built the church. The interior is simple and rustic with comfortable wooden pews, subdued wall hangings, and simple statues of both Morrow and Asc. Rowan flanking the pulpit. High Prelate Aideen Aghamore is the chief cleric of this bustling temple and supervises all clergy in the town. A handful of trollkin are among her flock although the vast majority of them are devout Dhunians.

Riordan Ranch: One of the largest ranches in the
vicinity of Armandor (outside the Torcail holdings) is the Riordan Ranch owned by the prominent Riordan family. Its current matriarch is Lady Teagan Riordan, a steely old woman whose canny business practices have led to an expansion of her clan’s holdings over the last two decades. The ranch itself is an impressive affair with mechanikal irrigation providing water and similar devices keeping the Almare steeds and Braenna cattle well fed. There is a constant need for hired hands here, especially those with knowledge of machinery.


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