Barbarian Trollkin


As a trollkin village was burned to the ground by a holy brigade sent from the heavens to purge the evils from the land, a newly widowed trollkin managed to escape from the massacre with her newborn child. One of Gods holy soldiers noticed her attempt at fleeing and hurled his holy weapon through the smog and struck her down, killing her on impact.

Only a warrior chosen by god with a heart of pure gold has the power to successfully wield the holy sword excalibur, so when it came into contact with the trollkin, her body turned into a tumerous stone that in-cased the sword along with the new born baby.

Since the sword caused the cursed stone to be created, the holy warrior was unable to break it free because once a holy weapon touches the earth without being in contact with a warrior of light, it becomes earthbound and can only be moved by natural forces.

Over time, the rock gradually corroded and the sword slowly emerged from the stone. It emitted a radiant glow, that could not be dulled by time, and its powerful aura could be felt across the land. For decades, humans tried to remove the holy sword from the stone to claim its power as their own, but it wouldn’t budge. The strongest men from across the land tried to remove the sword but they ultimately failed.

One day, a woman (Arthuria) with a heart of gold tried to remove the holy sword from the cursed stone and, to her surprise, it came out easily in one fluid motion. Upon removing the sword from the stone, the cursed rocked shattered and revealed a baby trollkin frozen in time. Arthuria decided to take the trollkin under her wing, and train him to help her in her quest.

Over the next twenty years, ther trollin learned the art of war and aided Arthuria in her quest where she was ultimately named the King of Britain. Upon her death, the holy sword was passed on to her only apprentice, both appropriately named Excalibur.


Discarding your weapon in battle is seen as a high offense in the kingdom of heaven. The holy Paladin who shunned his weapon in order to strike down a fleeing trollkin was cast out of heaven. Disgraced and broken, this lowly warrior is now known as the fallen Paladin.


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