Iron Kingdoms 3.5

The Morosini Family-Part 1 (Session 4)

After the incident with Kita X was downright amazed that he awoke the next day. Being scarred from the incident X was in pretty bad shape. Even after he awoke he only came down from his room to eat and drink. While X was on bed rest Reagan decided to take control of things. After making sure everyone was okay he went to find another job. The group was surprised to see Excalibur and Syvross again. Being that they were gone for little over a week now. Turns out they were also stirring up trouble with the Menite church by killing a priest of theirs. When Reagan returned with information about a potential job he was greeted by an old friend named Killian Dunne and his companion Ahri, an elf who looked of royalty and wielded a trident. After some drinks that Syvross and Killian thoroughly enjoyed Reagan invited the new duo to join the party. With two new members the mercenaries went to the Morosini residence. The job was simple. Escort the Morosini family to The Laden Galleon in Five Fingers, where the family would take a five day vacation and then return home. The job was good pay and would take around two weeks. The group had two days to prepare for the trip, so they bought rations, weapons, and horses. The first half of the trip to Five Fingers was smooth, that is until Bark saw two argus’ that he wanted to talk to. Him talking to the argus’ wasn’t the problem. Moiralo had some vendetta against them. Being tired of this and wanting to not delay the family on the trip X shot Moiralo in the leg after he broke his own bowstring. Despite the incident the argus’ came with Bark and followed behind the party. That night Excalibur decided he wanted something to eat besides his trail rations, so he prepared to hunt, naked. There were no objections from the party, so off he went. About 15min later Bark and Reagan heard Excalibur screaming at the top of his lungs. Following his trail they left the protection of the family to X and Moiralo. Bark and Reagan found Excalibur running at full stride towards them, followed closely by a massive buffalo! Being an man Reagan set his guard for the charge. After some intense combat the naked Excalibur and friends returned to the camp with a massive skull and plenty of meat. After that night the trip was again uneventful until they found a block in the road. Bandits were attacking Uncle Scarlet’s caravan, but he was no where to be found. The party reluctantly decided to dispatch the bandits. After the fight ended Uncle Scarlet showed himself and vaporized one of his attackers, and then he left. Gathering any goods they could the party finished the journey that night. The Morosini Family were paying for two rooms for their guards at the Laden Galleon. What trouble will the 5 adventurers find now that they are back in Five Fingers.

Kita (The Third Session)
When the Party awoke the next day Syvross and Excalibur had disappeared and were no where to be seen. All that was left was a note that said they took a mission they heard about to try and get the party a little extra money. X rounded up the remaining party. He, Bark, Moiralo, and Reagan needed to decide what to do next. Reagan wanted to bring another party member into the group so he went out to find a female mercenary. The rest of the party stocked up on supplies and waited for his return. What none of them expected was for him to find someone, but he did and it was far from what they would have thought a mercenary to be. Her name was Kita, and she was a beautiful Menite Cleric. Naturally being of the Menoth cloth she hated half of our party already (Bark for being a Druid, and Moiralo for being Nyss). Despite their differences she had a contract to follow with Reagan, so X tried his best to get along with her. The next day they all set out to find work, so naturally the first place they go is the church of Menoth. They take a job hunting down some smugglers of illegal and stolen goods that were taken from the church and other people as well. When they find the supposed culprit, X and Moiralo try to get the truth from him. When that doesn’t work Bark and Reagan give it a try the next day. Not only do they find him holding illegal goods, but Moiralo shows his ultimate Tief skills and steals a cross of the Menite religion from under the guys nose. Now that they knew he was a part of the trade they made a plan. After a brief confrontation where Kita played a vital role, they captured the seller of the trade. He denied knowing much, just the location of the warehouse. After a thorough torture from Kita, the party decided to leave him and tell the authorities. Shortly after as Kita was telling child to tell the guard about the man the party heard a gun shot. A minute later X rejoined the party and walked straight to the tavern. The next goal was to find the warehouse and investigate. The party sent their great Tief to do so, and when he returned they learned it was poorly guarded. When they arrived no one was there, just a lock on the door. After getting by the door they group set up a trap for the rogues. After another encounter the squad of adventurers got themselves another captive. Reagan turned to the party, particularly X and said “Better not let X shoot this guy as well”. In response to this X pulls out his pistol and shoots the man in the head and walks out the door. Kita in angered by this and decides that X deserves the punishment of death. After failing to stop him with her god given powers Kita pulls out a vile of Menoth’s flame. When the party exits the building they hear X scream and see him in a blaze on the ground. Reagan puts his head down and walks towards the tavern. Moiralo drew his bow to protect his first friend on this quest and was quickly put down as well. With the time Moiralo bought Bark convinced Reagan of his duty, his duty to finish the contract with the group. Reagan was once again pulled into dangerous combat because of X, this time with the skilled cleric Kita. Blow after blow was traded. Between fighter, cleric, and wolf. Bark somehow managed to save X from the fire and keep Moiralo from bleeding out, while his wolf helped Reagan fight Kita. The fight was looking dire, when Fulk yelled to the gods themselves “MARROW PROTECT ME”. “Your god can’t help you.” was Kita’s only response. On his last reserves of power Reagan struck one more mighty blow to put Kita down. He Looked around to his party and saw them all in shambles. With a heavy heart and his head low, Reagan took up his sword and finished Kita. On his knee and his sword plunged deep into Kita’s breast Reagan whispered two words “I’m sorry”. With that done Bark and Reagan grabbed the others and went to the tavern. Having collected all of Kita’s items they thought it wise and honorable to give her belongings to the Menite church. The priest took her armor, but as Reagan was walking out of the door….. Well that’s a tale for another time.
Uncle Scarlett (Week II)

The four beaten travelers woke from their slumber, only to be greeted by the oddest of gobbers. A small creature with another mans hair attached to his face for sideburns. He was accompanied by a large Trollkin named Excalibur donning some fine armor and a sword that would make even King Leto jealous! The gobbers other companion was a human druid with an extremely odd name. Bark Leafeater. The gobber was a strange little thing with his giant snake and the weird look in his eyes. This was Uncle Scarlett, this was the employer for X when he was trying to find work before he decided to join the party officially. Uncle Scarlett proclaimed to be the greatest wizard in the west. Being the greatest wizard he is for some reason the leader of a traveling circus. Never did he tell the party his act, but he hired them on the spot. After an encounter with a tribe of acid spitting monkeys the party and Uncle Scarlett had a falling out. X decided that it was time to part and thanks to Excalibur’s night vision and Bark’s and Moirelo’s guidance the party made it to town by daylight. The problem with being in Five Fingers while holding thousands of gold in your pockets is the fact that you are in Five Fingers with thousands of gold in your pockets. So with the loot with them the party decided to travel to the nearest Cygnar city possible and still avoid the trail of Uncle Scarlett. The party was exhausted and was on the road again. When they decided to make camp Regan discovered that there were snakes about (snakes being Uncle Scarlett’s favorite animal). Regan, X, and Syvross decided to stay where they were. The longer they stayed the more snakes appeared. The three roused the others and they set back out. Bark was so tired he collapsed while walking. Soon after Uncle Scarlett showed up and hired the mercenaries again to accompany him, more by his wishes then theirs. The party encountered little on the rest of the journey and when they arrived in the gnarls where Uncle Scarlett insisted they go all he did was have a massive sex party with the bog trogs. After this he decided to leave the party in the middle of the Gnarls. He did pay them good money, but this was the most pointless plot line because since we the PC’s didn’t go along with it after the falling out over loot, we lost to much time to do whatever the DM had originally wanted. This is all just a guess though.

The Beginning

The four adventurers met on a caravan run, but then found themselves back tracking to Five Fingers. This ragtag group consisted of the Warrior Regan Fulk, a Nyss Ranger named Moiralo, and two gun mages. One mage of Khadoran decent known only as X Chaser and the other an Iosan known as Cyvross Syvas. The four set upon the trail when no later then two days in they are ambushed by 11 bog trogs. Fulk was knocked unconscious by a stray bullet from X during his valiant defense. This delayed their arrival in Five Fingers, but in the end they all made it. After they entered Five Fingers the group decided to form a merry band, and try to overthrow an underground mafia (Thanks to Cyvross). This ends up in 3/4 of the party getting knocked out or completely rocked by a couple of ogren. X had his face smashed in, and Fulk was tackled through a table and a wall. Before even the second week together the group had managed to lose over 260 gold in item worth, including X’s gun. Fulk had also lost the deed and the keys to his house. With two members too broke to do anything, one without a weapon and the other hiding his wealth the party seemed to be in dire need of help. Will they seek out this help? Or will they press on during this uphill struggle?


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