Khador :Khador, officially known as the Greater Khadoran Empire, is a country in Western Immoren. It shares borders with Rhul, Ios, Cygnar, and the unpopulated Bloodstone Marches and polar regions. Formerly, it shared a border with Llael, but as of 605 AR the country was successfully invaded and annexed into Khador, throwing it’s future sovereignty into doubt.

Khador is a unitary imperial matriarchy with Empress Ayn Vanar I as its current head of state and government. Modern Khador draws its roots from the ancient Khardic Empire that existed prior to the Orgoth Invasion. It was a major participant in the rebellion against the Orgoth and helped create the colossi used against the occupying forces. The Kingdom of Khador came into being after signing the Corvis Treaties with the rest of the Iron Kingdoms creating the modern nation-states in Western Immoren. Khador is a major military power and is currently at war with Cygnar, the Protectorate of Menoth, and the Cryxian Empire. Additionally, Khador is involved in smaller skirmishes with lesser powers.

Rhul : Rhul is a great expanse of soaring peaks, rugged mountains, sheltered valleys, and deep gorges. The landscape is both beautiful and terrifying, for the Borokuhn Mountains, Silvertip Peaks, and Glass Peaks boast some of the tallest mountains in western Immoren. Crossing the outer barrier mountains from the south or west requires knowledge of the dangerous icy roads and trails created by the dwarves over the centuries. Some roads lead into choke points, run under massive fortifications, or twist back on themselves as they climb the mountains, allowing watchers to observe those venturing inward. The outer dwarven clans take their duties seriously, and only those who ask permission and offer friendly greeting are given easy passage. Nestled safely within these barriers, the great and ancient Armsdeep stabilizes the harsh northern weather and provides life and livelihood for over a million dwarves and a hundred thousand ogrun.

Llael :The sovereignty of Llael ended harshly in the winter of 604 AR when, in a lightning attack, Khador invaded and caught its people and their Cygnaran allies off guard. A few months of fighting later, Llael was an occupied state. The nation itself is located in a region of considerable strategic importance. It used to exist as the sole trade route between Cygnar and Rhul, and this feature in and of itself put its people in harm’s way frequently ever since the historic endorsement of the Corvis Treaties. Until recently, Llael has maintained its sovereignty through shrewd political maneuvering and expert diplomacy.

Ios : Men are not the only forgers of great nations by any means. Also among the empire-makers of Immoren are the elves who came from the east long ago from the Empire of Lyoss, which in their hubris they destroyed. It appears all empires must eventually fall, but the Iosans, descendants of the Lyossans, ended theirs prematurely annihilating hundreds of thousands of inhabitants in the process and sending the remaining few thousand into the west on a trek for a new homeland. Their empire was laid waste after the cataclysm that befell the Bridge of Worlds, an assembly built over hundreds of years in order to bring them and their gods closer. It ended up stranding their gods among them, closing them off from the great Veld and its energies, and in time inducing their disappearance.

Ord : The kingdom of Ord has a long shoreline and is home to the finest sailors and dock men in western Immoren. Ordic fishermen and sailors are proud of their seafaring traditions and exert a great deal of influence and control over seaborne trade routes all over coastal Meredius. True, some Ordic ports are pirate havens and thieves’ dens, but the goods that their merchantmen procure from all over the Iron Kingdoms often make such disreputable cities well worth the trip.
Ord itself is a melancholic land of haunting beauty renowned for its expansive coastland and lonely hillsides sprouting from misty moors and river flats. Aside from peat harvested from hundreds of bogs, Ord has little in the way of natural resources.

Cygnar :The Kingdom of Cygnar is a country situated in Immoren, a continent in the world of Caen. With respect to the other Iron Kingdoms, Cygnar is the most centrally positioned. Along its northern border, it touches Ord, Khador, and Llael, while it is bound in the east by the Bloodstone Marches. The nation’s western coast lies along The Sea of a Thousand Souls and The Broken Coast. Once a province of Cygnar in the southest of the kingdom, the Protectorate of Menoth recently renounced Cygnaran rule and proclaimed itself independent and declared war on its mother country. As the conflict is ongoing, the future of a united Cygnar is unknown.

Protectorate of Menoth :The Protectorate of Menoth, usually refered to simply as the Protectorate, is a fundamentalist theocracy and the youngest of the Iron Kingdoms. It was founded in 484 AR, following the Menite uprising during the Cygnaran Civil War. It is currently ruled by Hierarch Severius,

Cryx :In the southward seas of Cygnar, lays the island empire of the Cryx. The Empire of Cryx is a nation made up of the legions of the undead. The Cryx empire resides in the islands of Scharde. These “people” worship the Dragonlord Toruk, a creature that can destroy towns with his claws and make the dead his legions. The Cryx are lead to battle by necromantic warcasters who spread his blight of malevolence and life-devouring savagery over all of Immoren. For sixteen centuries Cryx has evolved while Lord Toruk shaped every aspect of life and death.


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