Prime Minister Deyar Glabryn, Archduke of Southryne

Deyar Glabryn


King Rynnard di la Martyn died in 595 AR, leaving many illegitimate offspring. The old king was an exceptional lecher and never established a clear line of succession to the Llaelese throne. No sooner did he rest in his grave than the Council of Nobles fell upon the supposed heirs like vultures, each cabal hoping to use one of them to further their own schemes. Unfortunately, the heirs with the strongest claims fell to assassination or vanished mysteriously. Many believe two sons and a single daughter yet survive with di la Martyn blood in their veins, but they went into hiding years ago. One of the surviving sons supposedly moved to the city of Berck and serves as an officer in the Ordic navy.

During this storm of controversy, the Archduke Deyar Glabryn was named lord regent. He has stymied the royal succession for over a decade during which time he was repeatedly accused of being overly concerned with cementing his own power base. He even went so far as minting coins with his own image on them. Glabryn has always somehow sidestepped such charges by manipulating events to his own advantage.

Archduke Glabryn presents himself as an affable and reasonable man of enormous education and good breeding, but his ruthlessness is no secret. The oldest son of the influential Glabryns, Deyar survived a motherless childhood and assassination attempts ordered by two of his younger brothers who wished to gain power over the family estates. Both of the plotting siblings disappeared soon thereafter, and Deyar never saw them again. Years later as he was on the upward path in the Llaelese gentry, Deyar mimicked his brothers’ schemes and as many as a dozen rivals died by his orders, one by his own hand.

Archduke Glabryn possesses exhaustive knowledge of court politics, Llaelese history, and etiquette and is a competent alchemist. The latter has been a field of longstanding interest for him as he finds it soothes his nerves. He is particularly versed in the lore of mixing poisons and their antidotes along with other deleterious concoctions. His peers know him as a crack shot with a pistol, and he keeps both gun and dagger on his person at all times.

Prime Minister Deyar Glabryn, Archduke of Southryne

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