Lord Toruk, Dragonfather and God-King of Cryx

Lord Toruk


Toruk is the unquestioned lord and living god that rules all of Cryx, but it was not always so. Thousands of years before the Iron Kingdoms Era, Toruk split His incredible power into several pieces to create the dragons of Immoren—His children. In His efforts to make servants worthy of His attention, Toruk instilled the brood with a powerful and terrible ambition akin to His own. In the centuries of their nurturing, they also grew in hunger—a hunger making them dangerous and unruly. In time the broodlings attempted to steal their father’s power.

Toruk’s children betrayed Him, and a great war erupted in the skies between father and spawn. In a magnificent rage the Dragonfather slew His children and devoured their athancs, the heart stones that gave them life, and in doing so reclaimed that which He had given them. Some of the treasonous brood escaped His wrath unnoticed, and learning from the deaths of their siblings, they banded together. In His weakened state, Toruk could not withstand His children, and He departed in haste to bide His time. After the Dragonfather’s departure, the innate natures of His brood took over. The dragons forgot their oaths to one another, and they engaged in cannibalistic duels, each desiring the athanc of the other.

Meanwhile Toruk eventually settled in the Scharde Islands and began to lay the foundation for what would become His Nightmare Empire. When He arrived, Toruk discovered the islands were ruled by a dozen pirate kings. The Dragonlord offered a choice to the rulers of the Scharde Islands—bow or be broken. The pirate kings instantly bowed before His majesty and surrendered their crowns. For their fealty Toruk bestowed upon them great power, transforming them into His Lich Lords and granting them unending servitude in undeath. From within the dark halls of His city-citadel of Skell, the Dragonfather has ruled through their dark ministries.

Lord Toruk, Dragonfather and God-King of Cryx

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