Hierarch Garrick Voyle

Hierarch Garrick Voyle


Awash with the Creator’s glory, Garrick Voyle is among the most powerful individuals in the Iron Kingdoms if not history itself. Throughout the Protectorate, Voyle’s word means life or death, prosperity or ruin. Like the priest-kings of old, he is both the undisputed head of the Temple and sovereign master of his domain. Although he revels in his absolute authority, he has no interest in his own glory or self-promotion. Though some may call him evil, Voyle simply despises what he deems heretical behavior and is absolutely devoted to Menoth’s will. It is difficult to count the number of people killed by either his hand or his word since his rise to power. Voyle is the embodiment of what a scrutator is expected to be: a relentless protector of the Temple willing to take every measure to increase Menoth’s influence, and he looks with especially great displeasure at the fraternization between Menites and non-Menites.

In addition to the Hierarch’s potent spiritual powers, he is a master of the ancient martial fighting style used by Menite monks throughout the centuries. Among his many accomplishments was the foundation of the Order of the Fist, an order of monks devoted to serving the priesthood of the Protectorate. To this day the monks of the Fist revere his teachings and remain fiercely loyal to him.

Garrick Voyle remains young and vigorous due to his extensive training as a monk—and perhaps as a holy benefit of his station. He is in perfect physical condition and maintains his martial skills at their peak. He suffered a series of assassination attempts when he first attained the rank of Hierarch, but his ability to dispatch the assassins unaided has left his enemies convinced that he is invulnerable. Indeed, he shows no concern for his succession and fully intends to outlive his current subordinates. He still has enemies among the Temple, but they have all but given up hope of deposing him. He has a reputation for sniffing out plots and conspiracies, aided by the exemplars and monks who serve him.

Though the Hierarch is presently preoccupied with his crusade against Cygnar, he anticipates the day when all of western Immoren will be reclaimed by the faithful. Cygnar is seen as the Protectorate’s great nemesis, but the Hierarch intends to repay Khador for its betrayals. He knows Queen Ayn used his theocracy to distract Cygnaran military intelligence. Additionally, Voyle was gravely insulted by the ruthlessness with which the Khadorans stopped the practice of cortex smuggling.

It will all come in good time. The Harbinger has appeared at the moment he was preparing to lead the faithful against the Cygnaran infidels, and with the guidance and divine insight of Menoth’s prophet, the Hierarch’s troops will not fail. When they are finished with Cygnar, they will carry on the crusade until they have purged the heresy of the Twins from all of western Immoren forever.

Hierarch Garrick Voyle

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