Ashlynn d'Elyse


The only daughter of master duelist Benoir d’Elyse— a former member of the Royal High Guard — Ashlynn grew up in the training academies and target ranges. By the age of fifteen she had fought and defeated some of Llael’s finest swordsmen, and her magical aptitude earned her a place at the royal Arcane Academies. She soon graduated at the top of her class and begun serving as one of her nation’s few warcasters.

Ashlynn found her early assignments, such as guarding the Council of Nobles or garrisoning the capitol, tedious. She began to seek out danger wherever she could find it and soon became a renowned dualist. When Khador invaded, she rushed to the front lines, where she was finally able to unleash her full fury as a warcaster. the execution of her father among many other nobles by the authority of the Prime minister after the fall of Merywyn only served to harden her already ruthless heart and gave her a different perspective on war.

Ashlynn uses her formidable arcane abilities to bolster her blade skills. Transforming the air around her into a blur of motion, Ashlynn can unleash a storm of saber attacks against anyone unlucky enough to cross her path. Enemy formations are split apart by furious gales that kick up clouds of obscuring dust and debris and plunge the battlefield into chaos. Her allies move as if propelled by the wind itself, evading bullets and charging into battle with stunning alacrity.

Ashlynn d'Elyse

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