Iron Kingdoms 3.5

Uncle Scarlett (Week II)

The four beaten travelers woke from their slumber, only to be greeted by the oddest of gobbers. A small creature with another mans hair attached to his face for sideburns. He was accompanied by a large Trollkin named Excalibur donning some fine armor and a sword that would make even King Leto jealous! The gobbers other companion was a human druid with an extremely odd name. Bark Leafeater. The gobber was a strange little thing with his giant snake and the weird look in his eyes. This was Uncle Scarlett, this was the employer for X when he was trying to find work before he decided to join the party officially. Uncle Scarlett proclaimed to be the greatest wizard in the west. Being the greatest wizard he is for some reason the leader of a traveling circus. Never did he tell the party his act, but he hired them on the spot. After an encounter with a tribe of acid spitting monkeys the party and Uncle Scarlett had a falling out. X decided that it was time to part and thanks to Excalibur’s night vision and Bark’s and Moirelo’s guidance the party made it to town by daylight. The problem with being in Five Fingers while holding thousands of gold in your pockets is the fact that you are in Five Fingers with thousands of gold in your pockets. So with the loot with them the party decided to travel to the nearest Cygnar city possible and still avoid the trail of Uncle Scarlett. The party was exhausted and was on the road again. When they decided to make camp Regan discovered that there were snakes about (snakes being Uncle Scarlett’s favorite animal). Regan, X, and Syvross decided to stay where they were. The longer they stayed the more snakes appeared. The three roused the others and they set back out. Bark was so tired he collapsed while walking. Soon after Uncle Scarlett showed up and hired the mercenaries again to accompany him, more by his wishes then theirs. The party encountered little on the rest of the journey and when they arrived in the gnarls where Uncle Scarlett insisted they go all he did was have a massive sex party with the bog trogs. After this he decided to leave the party in the middle of the Gnarls. He did pay them good money, but this was the most pointless plot line because since we the PC’s didn’t go along with it after the falling out over loot, we lost to much time to do whatever the DM had originally wanted. This is all just a guess though.



Uncle Scarlett (Week II)

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