Iron Kingdoms 3.5

The Morosini Family-Part 1 (Session 4)

After the incident with Kita X was downright amazed that he awoke the next day. Being scarred from the incident X was in pretty bad shape. Even after he awoke he only came down from his room to eat and drink. While X was on bed rest Reagan decided to take control of things. After making sure everyone was okay he went to find another job. The group was surprised to see Excalibur and Syvross again. Being that they were gone for little over a week now. Turns out they were also stirring up trouble with the Menite church by killing a priest of theirs. When Reagan returned with information about a potential job he was greeted by an old friend named Killian Dunne and his companion Ahri, an elf who looked of royalty and wielded a trident. After some drinks that Syvross and Killian thoroughly enjoyed Reagan invited the new duo to join the party. With two new members the mercenaries went to the Morosini residence. The job was simple. Escort the Morosini family to The Laden Galleon in Five Fingers, where the family would take a five day vacation and then return home. The job was good pay and would take around two weeks. The group had two days to prepare for the trip, so they bought rations, weapons, and horses. The first half of the trip to Five Fingers was smooth, that is until Bark saw two argus’ that he wanted to talk to. Him talking to the argus’ wasn’t the problem. Moiralo had some vendetta against them. Being tired of this and wanting to not delay the family on the trip X shot Moiralo in the leg after he broke his own bowstring. Despite the incident the argus’ came with Bark and followed behind the party. That night Excalibur decided he wanted something to eat besides his trail rations, so he prepared to hunt, naked. There were no objections from the party, so off he went. About 15min later Bark and Reagan heard Excalibur screaming at the top of his lungs. Following his trail they left the protection of the family to X and Moiralo. Bark and Reagan found Excalibur running at full stride towards them, followed closely by a massive buffalo! Being an man Reagan set his guard for the charge. After some intense combat the naked Excalibur and friends returned to the camp with a massive skull and plenty of meat. After that night the trip was again uneventful until they found a block in the road. Bandits were attacking Uncle Scarlet’s caravan, but he was no where to be found. The party reluctantly decided to dispatch the bandits. After the fight ended Uncle Scarlet showed himself and vaporized one of his attackers, and then he left. Gathering any goods they could the party finished the journey that night. The Morosini Family were paying for two rooms for their guards at the Laden Galleon. What trouble will the 5 adventurers find now that they are back in Five Fingers.



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