Iron Kingdoms 3.5

The Beginning

The four adventurers met on a caravan run, but then found themselves back tracking to Five Fingers. This ragtag group consisted of the Warrior Regan Fulk, a Nyss Ranger named Moiralo, and two gun mages. One mage of Khadoran decent known only as X Chaser and the other an Iosan known as Cyvross Syvas. The four set upon the trail when no later then two days in they are ambushed by 11 bog trogs. Fulk was knocked unconscious by a stray bullet from X during his valiant defense. This delayed their arrival in Five Fingers, but in the end they all made it. After they entered Five Fingers the group decided to form a merry band, and try to overthrow an underground mafia (Thanks to Cyvross). This ends up in 3/4 of the party getting knocked out or completely rocked by a couple of ogren. X had his face smashed in, and Fulk was tackled through a table and a wall. Before even the second week together the group had managed to lose over 260 gold in item worth, including X’s gun. Fulk had also lost the deed and the keys to his house. With two members too broke to do anything, one without a weapon and the other hiding his wealth the party seemed to be in dire need of help. Will they seek out this help? Or will they press on during this uphill struggle?




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