Iron Kingdoms 3.5

Kita (The Third Session)

When the Party awoke the next day Syvross and Excalibur had disappeared and were no where to be seen. All that was left was a note that said they took a mission they heard about to try and get the party a little extra money. X rounded up the remaining party. He, Bark, Moiralo, and Reagan needed to decide what to do next. Reagan wanted to bring another party member into the group so he went out to find a female mercenary. The rest of the party stocked up on supplies and waited for his return. What none of them expected was for him to find someone, but he did and it was far from what they would have thought a mercenary to be. Her name was Kita, and she was a beautiful Menite Cleric. Naturally being of the Menoth cloth she hated half of our party already (Bark for being a Druid, and Moiralo for being Nyss). Despite their differences she had a contract to follow with Reagan, so X tried his best to get along with her. The next day they all set out to find work, so naturally the first place they go is the church of Menoth. They take a job hunting down some smugglers of illegal and stolen goods that were taken from the church and other people as well. When they find the supposed culprit, X and Moiralo try to get the truth from him. When that doesn’t work Bark and Reagan give it a try the next day. Not only do they find him holding illegal goods, but Moiralo shows his ultimate Tief skills and steals a cross of the Menite religion from under the guys nose. Now that they knew he was a part of the trade they made a plan. After a brief confrontation where Kita played a vital role, they captured the seller of the trade. He denied knowing much, just the location of the warehouse. After a thorough torture from Kita, the party decided to leave him and tell the authorities. Shortly after as Kita was telling child to tell the guard about the man the party heard a gun shot. A minute later X rejoined the party and walked straight to the tavern. The next goal was to find the warehouse and investigate. The party sent their great Tief to do so, and when he returned they learned it was poorly guarded. When they arrived no one was there, just a lock on the door. After getting by the door they group set up a trap for the rogues. After another encounter the squad of adventurers got themselves another captive. Reagan turned to the party, particularly X and said “Better not let X shoot this guy as well”. In response to this X pulls out his pistol and shoots the man in the head and walks out the door. Kita in angered by this and decides that X deserves the punishment of death. After failing to stop him with her god given powers Kita pulls out a vile of Menoth’s flame. When the party exits the building they hear X scream and see him in a blaze on the ground. Reagan puts his head down and walks towards the tavern. Moiralo drew his bow to protect his first friend on this quest and was quickly put down as well. With the time Moiralo bought Bark convinced Reagan of his duty, his duty to finish the contract with the group. Reagan was once again pulled into dangerous combat because of X, this time with the skilled cleric Kita. Blow after blow was traded. Between fighter, cleric, and wolf. Bark somehow managed to save X from the fire and keep Moiralo from bleeding out, while his wolf helped Reagan fight Kita. The fight was looking dire, when Fulk yelled to the gods themselves “MARROW PROTECT ME”. “Your god can’t help you.” was Kita’s only response. On his last reserves of power Reagan struck one more mighty blow to put Kita down. He Looked around to his party and saw them all in shambles. With a heavy heart and his head low, Reagan took up his sword and finished Kita. On his knee and his sword plunged deep into Kita’s breast Reagan whispered two words “I’m sorry”. With that done Bark and Reagan grabbed the others and went to the tavern. Having collected all of Kita’s items they thought it wise and honorable to give her belongings to the Menite church. The priest took her armor, but as Reagan was walking out of the door….. Well that’s a tale for another time.



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